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Blog Tile - 3 Questions  

3 Questions You're Too Afraid To Ask...

When navigating your way through your first real estate transaction, there are plenty of instances that can make you stop and think, "Am I supposed to know what everyone’s talking about right now?" Here are some helpful questions and answers that will save you from having to ask them yourself.

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Blog Tile - So you want to buy a house?  

So You Want To Buy A House?

When you find yourself checking out the trendy shiplap in the bungalow on the corner, you might be ready for home ownership. Before you start swiping through your Zillow app, consider the story of Sam and Cara...

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Blog Tile - HELOC  

How To Make Your Home Equity Work For You

It’s a satisfying feeling when you know your house is worth more than what you owe on the mortgage balance, and that you’re sitting atop a nice cushion of equity. But what good is all that cash if you have to sell your home to access it? Enter: the Home Equity Line of Credit, or HELOC, as those in the industry like to call it.

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Blog Tile - 5 signs  

5 Signs You're Ready

You paid your dues in roommate living. You got the job, set up the savings account, and entered The Official Adulting Phase of your life. You’re tired of listening to the leaky faucet drip that the landlord won’t fix. Are you ready to own your own slice of this town, or are you just bored and looking for a project? Here are 5 signs that you’re ready to check out properties...

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