Think Before You Click
That Link


Links May Not Be What They Seem

Those cybercriminals are at it still. Stay on guard and reduce your risk of being infected by malware on your computer, phone and mobile devices. In your social media newsfeeds, messages from friend, and especially in unsolicited email messages, stop and investigate before clicking links and opening attachments.

Follow these additional tips to help thwart cyber criminals and keep your devices and personal information secure:

  • Use trusted news sites to get your latest news. If you see something that grabs your interest, rather than clicking a link, graphic or map, log in directly to URLs you know to be valid for further information.
  • Do no open unexpected attachments, especially those from senders you don’t know, or that were forwarded to you as part of email chains.
  • And never, do not ever, give your passwords, social security numbers or account information to unknown persons or sites.
  • If you are uncertain, verify the request by channels you know to be accurate, such as calling your bank, credit card company, or government agency directly.  

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