Go Green


Go Green

Account statements serve an important role in managing your personal finances. As a good practice you should review your statements each month to assure there are no unexpected and unauthorized transactions to your account. You should also verify that expected transactions are not missing.

Electronic statements (e-statements) deliver these important documents in a way that offer a variety of benefits to consumers and the environment.


Start by thinking green about your statement choice. E-statements reduce impacts to the environment by using less paper, printing materials and transportation resources for delivery. The choice to print or not to print the statement is yours. If you want to have access to statements past the term allowed by your online banking, e-statements can be downloaded and saved to your computer.


E-statements reduce the risk of mail fraud and identity theft. Statements are delivered securely through your online banking portal and accessed using your established log-in procedures. There are no printed documents sitting in your mailbox or delivered to the wrong address. With good password security on your part, your account information is protected from roomates and other people who enter your home.


You can view your statement as soon as it becomes available online. No more waiting several days for mail delivery. Your statement can be accessed from online banking, available at your fingertips while you are online, whether you are home or not.

For many good reasons, consider going green in your statement delivery choice.


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