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Certificate of Deposit (CD)

  • Competitive fixed rates guaranteed on the date of purchase
  • Premium rates for accounts balancing $20,000.00 or more
  • $1,000.00 minimum to open
  • Renews automatically at maturity

Traditional Individual Retirement Account*

  • Competitive variable rate (may change quarterly)* 
  • 18-month term
  • Renews at maturity
  • $50.00 minimum to open
  • Qualifying accounts may deduct all or part of their contribution on taxes now, but will pay taxes on earnings later

Roth and Traditional Individual Retirement Accounts*

  • Fixed rate on a one year term certificate
  • Competitive fixed rates guaranteed on the date of purchase
  • Renews at maturity
  • $50.00 minimum to open

ROTH individual retirement accounts provide no tax break for contributions, but earnings and withdrawals are generally tax-free.

TRADITIONAL individual retirement accounts are tax deductible when you make a contribution; withdrawals in retirement are taxed at ordinary income tax rates.

*Interest rates and APR (Annual Percentage Rate) may change after account opening.

Terms and Fees

Request further information from a Relationship Banker regarding fees and terms.

Money Market Savings Accounts

Earn great rates on your savings while getting check writing privileges! We offer tiered rates to suit your budget.

Premier Money Market Savings

  • Competitive tiered rate of interest;
  • Higher rates for balances of $10,000.00 to$19,999.99, $20,000.00 to $39,999.99, $40,000.00 to $79,999.99 and $80,000.00 plus;
  • Monthly activity statement; and 
  • $1,000 minimum to open;

American Eagle Money Market Savings

  • You'll earn a competitive rate of interest;
  • Premium rate for accounts opened for $200,000.00 or more;
  • Monthly activity statement; and
  • $20,000 minimum to open;

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