Remember to Relax


That’s easier said than done in difficult times!

While your mindset may not change the circumstances around you, it may change how you react to them. So, clear your mind, keep calm, and relax. Here are some tips on how:

Set some boundaries with yourself.

That’s right, I’m talking to you. Resist the urge to check the news every hour on the hour. Set a rule for your news to only check in every other day or at the most once a day from a reliable source. Don’t get sucked into pandemic panic. There is a lot of information swirling around out there and not all of it is accurate— some of it may be sensationalized, just to get you to read it. 

Take a break from social media.

Unless it’s cat videos or something uplifting— just say no! Your friend posting conspiracies theories probably isn’t doing your mental state any good, so stick to the facts. 

Take care of you first.

While it’s important to help others, remember, if you don’t take care of you first you will be in no position to help others. Get plenty of sleep and if you are working from home or are quarantined, try to keep your regular routine to help promote a sense of normalcy. 

Find something to take your mind off of things.

It’s hard to think about life’s stressors or really anything else if you’re engrossed in reading a book from your favorite author or coloring. Here’s a coloring page on us for you or the kiddos! 

Eat Healthy.

Now more than ever it’s important to keep your immune system strong and healthy. Load up on vegetables and fruit, not only will they boost your immune system, but they will help give you more energy and improve your mood. Plus, they are easy to find at the grocery store while everyone else is stock piling dried goods. (Can we say empty calories?) 

Find a healthy outlet.

It’s difficult not to be consumed by anxiety right now, but getting out in nature for a walk, meditating, or listening to upbeat music may help to lift your mood. Ask Alexa to play an 80s station and laugh at what music used to sound like. 

Pick up a hobby or rediscover an old one.

Many of us are housebound right now, some of us without work. If you have always wanted to learn to paint or woodwork, there are thousands of YouTube videos on pretty much any subject you can dream up. Or if you’ve let a hobby go by the wayside, now is the time to pick it back up again! Remember that fly tying kit you bought that’s now sitting neglected in the garage? Bust it out! 

Put yourself on a budget.

Part of feeling more relaxed is knowing your finances are going to be okay or at least learning to control the "controllables." If you are facing a job loss or have already been laid off, taking a realistic look at your budget will help you not only devise a game plan, but cut out excess spending. A great FREE budgeting app is the "EveryDollar" app, from financial guru, Dave Ramsey. You can find it on the App Store or Google Play. 

Spend time with the family.

Dust off the Monopoly board game on a Saturday or make your own dinner and a movie –don’t forget the popcorn! 

Reach out.

Send a text message to your friends and extended family letting them know you are thinking of them. You’ll be delighted at how many people respond, grateful to hear from you. Try a virtual get-together! 

Be kind to each other.

If you are feeling depressed, perhaps focus on helping someone around you. You may be surprised at how uplifted you feel after making a difference for someone else. 

And remember it’s going to be okay.

We, as a nation, have been through tough times and we are stronger for it. We will get through this together. 


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